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Privacy Policy

Established on December 1, 2010
last updated on July 1, 2012

Considering that personally identifiable information ("personal information") should be treated carefully based on the principle of respect for individuals to fulfill this role in society, IIJ Global Solutions Inc. (“IIJ Global”) is committed to handling personal information properly. IIJ Global recognizes its responsibility to protect your personal information strictly as a corporation that handles its customers' important information in the course of its telecommunications business and other operations. Therefore, IIJ Global established the following Privacy Policy, which it will notify to its personnel and publicize, and make efforts to collect, use, and provide personal information properly.

Person in Charge

1. IIJ Global assigns a person in charge of managing your personal information at each of its divisions that handle personal information and ensures that such persons manage personal information properly.

Collection of Personal Information

2. When IIJ Global collects your personal information, it makes efforts to specify the purpose of use, and notifies you in advance of the contact point at IIJ Global for personal information, as well as the purpose and methods of using personal information. The scope of such collection is limited to the extent necessary. IIJ Global does not collect personal information without your consent or in an unfair manner.

Use of Personal Information

3. IIJ Global uses and provides your personal information within the scope of the purpose notified in accordance with the previous section, and obtains your prior approval in cases where IIJ Global will use or provide your personal information outside the scope of such purpose.

Non-Disclosure of Personal Information

4. IIJ Global does not disclose your personal information to any third party unless as provided in the previous section or required by law or otherwise.

Security of Personal Information

5. IIJ Global takes sufficient measures to protect your personal information from risks such as unauthorized access, information leaks, destruction, tampering, disclosure or otherwise.

Personal Information Complaints and Inquiries

6. When you wish to complain or inquire about the handling of personal information or correct your personal information, you may contact the contact point at IIJ Global, and IIJ Global will respond to such requests within a reasonable amount of time.

Provision or Entrustment of Personal Information

7. IIJ Global may provide your personal information or entrust collection or control of your personal information to third parties other than IIJ Global for the purpose of use provided in section 2. In this case, IIJ Global will ensure that such third parties are sufficiently able to protect personal information.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations and Improvement of this Policy

8. IIJ Global abides by the laws and regulations applied with regard to personal information and makes continuous efforts to improve its personal information management system.

Toshinori Iwasawa, Representative Director and CEO
Hiroshi Saitoh, Personal Information Protection Manager
IIJ Global Solutions Inc.

IIJ Global is authorized to use the Privacy Mark.

Items such as Disclosure Regarding the Protection of Personal Information

IIJ Global builds and maintains a management system for the protection of personal information that conforms to the JISQ15001 standard, and has been accredited with the Privacy Mark. Below is a list of items disclosed regarding the personal information handled by IIJ Global as well as items that shall be put in an accessible for you based on the requirements of this standard, the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (henceforth "Law" on this page), the Order for Enforcement of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (henceforth "Order" on this page. JISQ15001, the "Law" and the "Order" collectively called "Act on the Protection of Personal Information, etc.").

Disclosed Items Regarding the Purpose of Personal Information (related to JISQ15001:2006, Article 18)

Each time personal information is collected from you directly in written form, the purpose shall be specified and your consent obtained (excluding cases where it is not deemed necessary to apply consent regulations based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, etc.). When collecting personal information by any other means (directly from you in a form other than written, or indirectly from a third party) it shall be used within the applicable scope of purpose based on the following categories.

Category of Personal InformationPurpose
1. Personal information included in call logging and recorded phone call when inquiries are made
  1. For accurately understanding the details of an inquiry, and improving support quality by revising and evaluating responses
  2. For conducting operations incidental to the above item
2. Personal information included in video records captured by surveillance cameras
  1. For crime prevention
  2. For conducting operations incidental to the above item
3. Personal information included in attendee (applicant) lists or surveys conducted in relation to events or seminars held by hosts other than IIJ Global and collected from said host by IIJ Global.
  1. For providing information by phone, email, or mail to those interested
  2. For sending materials by email or mail to those interested
  3. For the analysis or statistical processing of survey content to improve services
  4. For other uses within the scope specified to IIJ Global by said host based on items your consent has been obtained for.
  5. For conducting operations incidental to the above items
4. Personal information included in lists IIJ Global has obtained by purchasing them from other companies
  1. For conducting marketing operations such as introducing our services by phone, email, or mail
  2. For other uses within the scope of purpose that the provider of the list has obtained your consent for and has licensed to IIJ Global
  3. For conducting operations incidental to the above items
5. Personal information entrusted to IIJ Global for handling
  1. For performing operations set out in contracts such as outsourcing agreements
6. Personal information other than the above collected directly from you in a form other than written, or indirectly from a third party
  1. For conducting business activities within a scope generally justifiable during the course of performing IIJ Global operations
  2. For conducting operations to maintain or provide services within a scope generally justifiable during the course of providing IIJ Global services
  3. For performing operations within a scope generally justifiable during the course of performing other business IIJ Global has set out in its articles of incorporation


When your access is required to use the personal information above, the necessary measures shall be taken upon your access to IIJ Global based on requirements for the protection of personal information added to JISQ15001:2006 regarding notification of purpose and method of collection and measures for consent.

Items that Shall be Put in an Accessible Condition for You regarding the Personal Information Disclosed (Stored Personal Data), (related to JISQ15001:2006, Article 24 paragraph 1 of the Law, and Article 5 of the Order)

Name of Provider

IIJ Global Solutions Inc.

Personal Information Protection Manager

Hiroshi Saitoh

Purpose of Stored Personal Data

  1. For performing operations related to the maintenance and provision of IIJ Global services, such as sending service fee bills, notifications and information about service details, conducting and analyzing surveys, and responding to inquiries
    b.For performing human resources operations such as recruiting and screening applicants, and personnel administration for IIJ Global workers
  2. If you have any questions on our Privacy Policy, please contact us at info@iijglobal.co.jp.

IIJ Global is certified by the Japan Information Processing Development Center (JIPDEC) for displaying the Privacy Mark granted to enterprises, which conduct proper handling of the personal information.

Note:This document is a translation of the original Japanese version for reference purposes only.