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Service & Solutions

BusinessBusiness Solutions

Employing a Japan-developed ERP package with an extensive deployment track record, especially in Asia, 'A.S.I.A. GP SaaS on IIJ GIO' is a global cloud ERP service for overseas affiliates of Japanese corporations that can be used without the need for customization. The ERP package runs on the IIJ Cloud Service, IIJ GIO.
By using the Cloud Service, it enables fast implementation of enterprise system for overseas affiliates and access to the management information.

Business Collaboration

IIJ Global provides a 'Unified Communication Cloud' solution through a seamless combination of user voice, image and data on IIJ Global's cloud based system, along with remote site access from various end-devices.

Global SolutionsGlobal Solutions

Global Network Outsourcing Service

Guide customers' global expansion by providing essential IT services such as data centers, sercurity and other solutions along with the experties of IIJ Global's network.

Global Internet VPN Solution 'Net de! World'

'Net de! World' is Global Internet VPN solution providing access circuit, Internet, and equipment (MODEM, router) in over 200 countries. IIJ Global provides a one stop service including procurement, implementation, monitoring and operation.

IIJ Global has been providing a full range of dynamic IT service with professional and bi-lingual expertise. You can depend on IIJ Global to serve your IT requirements from procurement of equipments, selection of vendors, implementation of your network systems, and to lifecycle management.

IIJ Group SolutionsIIJ Group Solutions

Cloud Solution

From the server platform to higher layers of service such as security and application software, flexible cloud services accelerate business speed while reducing cost.

Security Solution

IIJ Global provides a wide range of security solutions to protect a customer's network system from Internet threats such as viruses and bots.

Remote Access Solution

IIJ Global provides remote access service to our customer's corporate network providing flexible work style and an increase in productivity.

Network SolutionsNetwork Solutions

Network Outsourcing Service

IIJ Global increases the efficiency of each phase of a customer's network lifecycle, by providing the total management established in Network Outsourcing Service structures.


'SmartWAN' is an Internet VPN solution using convenient mobile circuits, cost effective optical access and DSL circuit. IIJ Global provides a one stop service from network implementation to 24/365 base operation and monitoring.