Our Values


Connect businesses and people

We can deliver the optimum network structure for each one of our customers through a series of stages in a life cycle management, including initial consultation, implementation, operation, and user feedback.


Beyond the border

We are familiar with specific ICT environment and regulations of many countries through our affiliates and partners located worldwide. We can offer reliable network and maintenance to help support the global deployment of your business.

IIJ Group Synergy

Advanced technology

The IIJ Group synergy is one of our advantages. We can formulate a customized combination of the up-to-date solution services each of our group companies is specialized with.

Business Solution

Create new value for the future

We keep you updated with the latest ICT developments and business trends and help you navigate creating a new business model.
IIJ Global Solutions stands by our customers to face rapidly changing business challenges and offers the technological support to enable continuous innovation.

Business × IIJ Global
New value

IIJ Global Solutions provide New value for the future of business by connecting people and business worldwide.