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CEO Message

Toshinori Iwasawa Representative Director and CEO

Our organization joined the IIJ Group as IIJ Global Solutions Inc. in September 2010 at the time when cloud computing was an emerging ICT solution. Cloud inevitably requires reliable computer network, and IIJ Global Solution has strong customer confidence in network services. IIJ’s cloud services and the IIJ Global Solution’s WAN services have affinity with each other and have been exerting great synergy effect in building customer value ever since.

Our expertise is backed by numerous experiences in connecting global as well as domestic business locations of our customers in a wide variety of industries. A long history of successful delivery of tailored network services is the underlying basis of our strength.

So many businesses are selling and buying products and services worldwide today, and the trend is still accelerating. On top of global networking, we provide various cloud-based services to help our customers’ multi-national activities such as high quality video conferencing between headquarter and foreign subsidiaries; financial accounting software packages to facilitate consolidated financial reporting processes, for examples.

While adapting to globalization is inevitable for businesses growth, a critical shift in the role of IT is now underway. The recent move, digital transformation, is to integrate digital technology into all areas of a business to begin with, enabling the business to continually encourage innovations and go through transformation of the existing practices so that to maintain the market advantage and differentiate themselves from competitors.

IIJ Global Solutions is committed to stand at the forefront of such developments in the usage of IT and network services. On top of providing seamless connectivity of remotely-located business operations and relating employees deployed across the globe, we will engage in our customers’ efforts to embark on new business models for the future.

October 2018
Toshinori Iwasawa
Representative Director and CEO